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Mame Daifuku (Bean Paste in Mochi)

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まめ 大福  = Mame Daifuku = mochi stuffed with bean paste

Picture of Mame Daifuku Mochi from Shirakiku
 Eating Mame Daifuku Mochi

Of the several variants of daifukumochi that Shirakiku makes for the American market, this is probably the one I like the least, if only because it was so heavy!

LABEL WARNING:This product is chewy in texture. Children (especially under three years of age) and elderly people should be cautious. Please chew thoroughly before swallowing.

Net Weight: 3.7 ounces (105 grams)
One serving is the single piece in the packet.
Nutrition Facts: 232 calories
0.5 grams fat. No saturated or trans fat.
No cholesterol. 50 milligrams of sodium.
60 grams of carbohydrates (20% of DV) -- 2g dietary fiber, 60g sugar
4 grams protein

INGREDIENTS: glutinous rice flour, red beans, sugar, water, corn syrup, black beans, potato starch.

(The mochi is lightly dusted with the potato starch to keep it from sticking to whatever it touches. Mochi is sticky! 

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Processed in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts.

UPC bar code: 0 74410 66490 9. ITEM # 66490
Nishimoto Trading Co., Ltd.  13409 Orden Drive, Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670-6336

Price at the Korean grocery HK Super: 99 cents ~

Vocabulary words:  豆 (hiragana: まめ, katakana: マメ, romaji: mame) = beans
Daifuku = だいふく = 大福 = "great luck" = mochi stuffed with a filling